Agrihood Class with Girls For a Change

This summer the Agrihood project was entrusted to teach a class for the Girls For A Change, Camp Diva Program. Read below to see how it went! But first, a note about Camp Diva.

Camp diva is a 6-week summer camp experience for black girls between the ages of 10-14 to explore new subjects, learn about leadership, investigate identity, and create relationships with a diverse array of practitioners ranging from finances to fashion, fabric arts, to agriculture, sports to literary studies. There is a world of things to investigate at Camp Diva. Learn more about how the program is structured and past Camp Diva summers HERE

In the Agrihood class there were three different levels that each investigated and processed the lessons of companion planting in completely different ways. The girls explored companion planting as one of the pillars of permaculture recognizing its cultural importance, historical value, and the supportive nature of plants and humans that live in community. Everyone has their role, and through investigation indigenous systems of planting like the three sisters, the girls were able to identify different ways that we support those in our communities. The girls experienced planting in growing trays, soil extraction for testing, decoding seed packets, and garden planning in community alongside investigations into historical stewards of land and medicine like Emma Dupree, Harriet Tubman, Henrietta Jefferies, and George Washington Carver.

See how the classes were broken down and their final projects HERE

See the gallery of the Agrihood class HERE (All photos were taken with permission from the parents/guardians)

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