RVA Goats

We were honored to have RVA goats come out and munch on the agrihood site! There were 24 goats and sheep that came out and ate their way through a portion of the proposed incubator farm and learning garden for a week.

Why goats and sheep?

Herbivores like goats and sheep are amazing clearers of land and also fertilize the ground they munch through, killing seeds that pass through their digestive systems as they chomp. Goatscaping aligns with our permaculture principles and is a natural and sustainable alternative to land clearing power machines. They easily navigate hidden objects that would make other methods of clearing difficult like hidden tree stumps or inorganic objects. We are looking forward to having them back at the agrihood! Learn more at RVA Goats and Honey and see below for some pictures of the goats and sheep!

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