Rezoning Community Meeting

There is another opportunity to voice your support for Bensley Agrihood (2600 Swineford Road) before our request for rezoning is heard by the Chesterfield Planning Commission. It is our understanding that this meeting is critical in moving forward in this project.

We are reaching out to request your attendance at a community meeting on October 30th at 6 p.m. at the Bensley Recreation Center (2900 Drewrys Bluff Rd). Some community members have voiced concerns on traffic and noise levels and we’re addressing these with updated language in the rezoning request. We included language that limits the uses of the farm, community center, and green space to programmatic activities of the lead applicant, The Maggie Walker Community Land Trust, and their partners, Girls For A Change and Happily Natural Day.

It is our hope that Bermuda District representatives will hear people’s support for this innovative project and encourage Bensley’s need for affordable homeownership with community amenities like the farm, green space, and community center that the Bensley Agrihood will offer.

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